Data, Telephone, Wireless and AV Cabling

A small business with only a few computers can easily be networked so that they can access each other to share documents and even printers.  If your business is larger and already has an existing network, ocassionally it needs upgrading to allow for your business to grow, with more employees requiring more workstations with network access. We are also proficient in the installation of wireless systems and Hotspots so that your business operates seamlessly.

Panduit Certified Data Installations


As Panduit Certified Data Cablers we can confidently streamline your business operations by networking your existing computers.  From budget small-business installations, to comprehensive structutred commercial installations - we can provide you with a quality installation at an affordable price. All technicians are ACMA accredited, and trained & certified in Category 5, 6, 6a and Fibre Optic cabling.

Panduit Warranty Information

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