Wireless Hotspots

Customers unhappy with the limited Internet access your hotel offers?

One of the hottest new technologies to hit the Accommodation Industry is Wireless Internet. As more and more business and holiday travellers are taking their laptops with them, they are demanding access to the internet to keep in touch with relatives and book accommodation at their next destination. package tailored to your property and budget. Wireless Internet allows you to give your customers access to the internet without the need for messy cables. You can setup wireless access to your lobby, business centre, or even across a whole resort or caravan park!

We believe that our Hotspot system is the most reliable and secure on the market today. You simply sell your customers what's called a 'ticket' which contains a code to gain access to the Internet, so when your customers log onto the system they are prompted to enter their code. It's as simple as that! There are 3 classes of tickets, each with their own time and data allowance to provent people from sucking up all your Internet allowance and leaving you with a hefty bill. Data & Voise Solutions provide all the equipment for a basic or advanced package and can conduct a site audit and design a wireless hotspot package suited to your needs.

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