ADSL2+ Broadband Connections

Get the fastest speeds available!

We are able to provide a Business Grade ADSL or ADSL2+, with special business plans starting at $49.95 per month. Regardless of your budget, we will have a plan to suit your needs. Our excess data is charged by the Gigabyte (1024mb), and even though our prices are rock bottom - we will contact you regarding a change in download limits if you continue to exceed your quota to make sure you're getting the best deal.

The typical ADSL speed is 1500kbps downstream, and 256kbps - which on a typical day will give you a download rate of 150kb/s

The maximum speed achievable on ADSL2+ is 24,000kbps downstream, and a maximum of 1000kbps upstream - the speed achievable is heavily dependant on a few factors including the distance from your premises to the telephone exchange and the quality of the phone lines in the street.

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VoIP Telephone Lines

Internet based phone calls saving you money!

Reduce your call cost even further with a low cost VoIP phone line for all of your outgoing calls.

With only $11 per month access our local and national calls are a fixed call price of a mere 17c per call, untimed.  That’s right; any land line in Australia for only 17c per call! Calls to mobiles are 36c per minute, charged in 30 second blocks with a call connection fee of 22c. 1300 numbers are 35c untimed and 1800 numbers are free.  If you call overseas we have low, low rates from only 1.9c per minute

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